Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fashion Hurts

Easy, Breezy, ButtaSkotch!
OK enough of the ego trip but, I mean if you were wearing this outfit you would be on it too!
These are two of the newest releases created by Hurt. Just in time, I caught Hurt in the midst of Her Summer-Fall release line and its amazing. Variety of colors, outfit selection, and a variation of styles ranging from urban wear to casual.
On the left is the Cypress outfit. This little number is completed with a halter top and amazing black leggings. The colors are very cohesive and the textures is very trendy. And on my right is the amazing Emily outfit. With several selections! You can purchase the top with the jacket or without and rock the halter with the shorts. Now Hurt knows how to hurt them Fashion wise but her items won't hurt your wallet with her amazing good prices. Well, that's it, hopefully we will see even more items by Hurt. :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

`Whatever I'm Spoiled!

So I got the opportunity to not only model and show the world Spoilz. I had the opportunity to interview her about her designs. First order of business. This amazing Outfit Spoilzed Tank and Spoilzed Leggings is her new item and definitely
not her last. Don't be mistaken though. Spoilz has developed another avatar under the name of _Stronger with her friend Xzelma15x whom designs as well. Quite the power duo!
Anyhow I was able to do an exclusive interview with Spoilz and here is how it went:
(Me): What inspired you to design on There.com?
(Spoilz): Well, my friends would design and I would want to figure it out so one day I downloaded the program and although it took awhile, I did it.
(Me):What inspired this outfit [Spoilzed Tank and Spoilzed Leggings]?
(Spoilz): I made this outfit because I think its fun, colorful, and just Different
(Me): What should There.com be expecting from you?
(Spoilz) I recently figured out skinny jeans so I want to design some outfits with them!
Spoilz is very enlightening and in fact charismatic. It didn't even feel like work, but then again I do this for fun and of course in the name of FASHION lol. But anyway I closed the interview with Spoilz by asking whats one thing she wants to tell the world. She `hmm for about 2 hours but then she said " Spoilz IS A NINJA!!
Well, there you have it fashionistas every designer has a wild side and I suppose hers is her ninja side lol

British Gone Bad

Well, the British has not gone bad (at least not completely) but, that is the name of the amazing outfit designed by Dimitri_a. On the Left, with the fabulous blonde locks I'm wearing his British Top and his Skinny Black Jean. Quite the combo and definitely in tuned with Fashion Trends. His tops are actually all composed with amazing detailed tattoos that give even the most innocent gals (like me!) a rough edge. Then we have the Smexy Top and the Jean shorts with skulls paired off with some boots to pull of the goth trucker look. All of his looks are definitely "in" so whether its shorts or jeans, rocker tee's or blouse Dimitri_a has it all! Dress it up with vibrant colors or slick it down with his black and tattoo apparel he is a designer with dimensions and lots of clothes waiting to be purchased so check out his store in world and his auctions! Ciao xoxo

Kris See Strikes AGAIN!!

Heya Fashion victims!
At first I was content at just showcasing one of Kris_See amazing designs and then... `tada The Black Plaid Dress is unveiled and well I was in love. This dainty dress can be worn at any casual scene and yet still help you catch an eye. Dress it up with some great pumps or bunnies! The hair option is totally up to you with the red hues and the high-waited plaid texture it seemed brilliant to go brunette. So I definitely suggest you ladies to head on down and pick you up a copy, I mean, who doesn't like plaid?

Kris_See Designs

Kris_See an UP and COMING fashionista who seems to be flourishing There.com with RICH vibrant colours. This cute number is called " Pink Diva Outfit" and I mean you have to be a diva to obtain this outfit. The jean texture is seamed to perfection and the belt on the top gives it the finishing touch! The sad thing is there's only a few copies left, So if I were you I would act fast

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let The Fashion Begin

Those who may not know me, I am ButtaSkotch. Last name Couture if it matters much. I defitnely love Fashion and I love There.Com. So I developed a thoughtgasm (oh yeah I totally make up words) But yeah so I had this amazing idea to develop a fashion blog to further the designs of developers in There.com. Great! So as you will see in the course of days I will be developing several post showcasing new designs and designers very own work of art. If you care to have your items showcased on the blog please message me in world!